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HeartBeats Readings - 2002 BLGBT Pride Weekend

HeartBeats - 2002

Memorial Day Weekend 2002, African-American Collective Theater (ACT) presented two "Sneak Peak" stage readings of our upcoming 10th Anniversary production of the play "HeartBeats" with the following cast:

Monte J. Wolfe (Andre), Ricardo Frederick Evans (Darryl), Demetrius Brown (Mark), Kim Bey (Mavis), Patricia Williams (Paula), Michael Sainte-Andress (Randall), George Swales (Cleveland) and Eric Nicholson (Narrator/Sebastian).

Ultimately, Demetrius Brown did not appear and the role of Mark was played by Tim Loftin at the 6:30 performance and by Stephen Melby at the 9:00 performance.

Stage Manager, Emma Guider, was assisted by the following crew:

Ayanna Smith-Davis (Assistant Stage Manager) Brenda "Sammie" Mitchell (House Manager), Cheryl Young (Box Office), Lionel Jaggers (Lighting and Sound) and Arnett Holloway (Production Supervision)

Both performances were dedicated in loving memory of Naima Barakat/Paulette Smith


The performances, coincided with D.C.'s annual BLGBT Pride observance.  Both readings were presented at the Warehouse Theater, following that afternoon's Pride Festival -- held nearby at the D.C. Convention Center.  Warehouse Theater, located at 1021 Seventh St. N.W., Washington, DC was also only a short walk from the Washington Renaissance, host hotel for Pride Weekend events. 

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