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Family Business Reading 1

In May 1999, "Family Business" had its first public reading at the District of Columbia Jewish Community Center, in conjunction with other activities supporting that spring's BLGBT Pride Weekend.  The reading was produced in partnership with HCC of Washington, DC and supervised by HCC Director, Ronald King.  Additional personnel for the weekend, included:


malcolm/Monte J. Wolfe, martin/Jarvis George, isaiah/LaJuan Martin, ada/Ellie Hill, kwame/PZAZ, karen/Lynn Chavis, danielle/Ayana Smith-Davis, lisa/Raquel Arradondo, narrator/Ricardo Frederick Evans



Alan Sharpe/playwright-director, Emma Guider/stage manager, Ayanna Smith-Davis/assistant stage manager, Barbara Lambright/house manager, Nicholous Lambright/assistant house manager, Ronnie Price/event and candid photography, Drake Farmer and Brock McClung/videography, Joseph Beckford/special pr photography


Flyer/Periodical photo by Joseph Beckford

Click HERE for additional photos from the first reading of "Family Business".






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