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Acknowlegement - Ron Price


Visitors to the archival portions of this site will note that there are comparatively few photographs from our early artistic endeavors.  We were poor, struggling, high school and college students back then, and even when we had the foresight, we rarely had the time, manpower, and especially, the resources to preserve our productions on film.

The fact that there now exists a fairly extensive photographic record of our more recent productions, is almost entirely due to the tireless efforts of one person, Ron Price.  Since he first became part of our "family" with his performance in a production of  "Ceremonies in Dark Old Men", he has endeared himself to all who've worked with him. Those who know him, also know that Ronnie is seldom seen on any occasion without his trusty camera(s).  His many friends and colleagues are frequently the happy recipients of candid photos he has taken to preserve pleasant memories of various events, both public and private. 

ronnie close.png  His generous contribution of his time, talents and resources, without any thought of compensation is a blessing that cannot be overemphasized.  All of us join in acknowledging Ronnie's invaluable assistance, unflagging enthusiasm, and loyal support.


P.S.  If these photos of him are deficient in any way, please note that I took them -- not Ronnie.

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